Description :
It's a 40's vintage Dunhill lighter in one of the more unusual patterns. Simple, rugged flint and wick mechanism; olive-grey military paintwork in fair condition. The base has all the proper markings for wartime lighters made in the US: the Dunhill name, logo and trademark, together with "Service Lighter", "Made in the USA" and "Patent Pending". . The cap opens and closes with a nice crisp action and it lights first time every time. It's not fussy about fuel or flints; it was probably subject to "Milspec", ie probably had to work with anything available! I believe (from the signs of wear) that this lighter was issued and has seen military use; truly a collector's item that could be used every day. I would be happy to answer any questions about anything that I haven't remembered to cover in this description. This is a NO RESERVE auction; the auction will run to the end. If you pay by PayPal. I will only post it to the registered address.

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Seller Name: chiltern_collectibles
Sale Price: $23.48
Zip Code: HP23 5BJ
Location: TRING, Hertfordshire

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